About us

ApoEna Artisanal Chocolates Start-up began it’s ventures in 2015 in Portlaoise, Ireland, and with the local support of Farmers and Cottage Markets all around the community, it has taken off to become a rising brand, now as Butterfly Chocolatier, trading online nationally and internationally.

With a tasty selection of products and the authentic feel that can only be achieved through hard work and grassroots beginnings, Butterfly Chocolatier have taken foothold in the local economy as a premium provider of quality chocolate produce. Know for it’s original Hot Chocolate Bombs, playful Chocolate Pops and flavourful sweet pleasure Truffle Bonbons.

Working with the Finest Belgian Chocolate of Callebault as a base, and adding seasonally single origin Chocolates from all around the world, Butterfly Chocolatier creates a unique chocolate taste, and is constantly playing with combinations to excite it’s customers palate.

Our vision for Butterfly Chocolatier is that our products will continue to permeate throughout the world, and that we provide a real, quality chocolate experience to everyone. Even as our hopes for Butterfly Chocolatier are vast, we will always remain a family business that has risen up by the power of our community and the support that we have provided each other.